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Psychedelics and the Corporate World

In this week’s episode, Zarmeen sits down with Russell Hausfeld of psymposia for a chat on psychedelics in the corporate world. In this episode she references various publications from Russell that can all be found at the following link:

In their conversation, Zarmeen and Russell touch on various aspects of capitalism and the corporate landscape and how this may affect psychedelic policy and science. Russell talks extensively about the differences in the for-profit and not for profit sector and the implications this has for drugs like psychedelics. In many cases, individuals founding these companies or working for these companies tout highly medicalized uses of these drugs while maintaining non-medical use for themselves.

All this to say that the people pushing for a “medical-only” model for psychedelics seem to think that the privilege to take psychedelics however and for whatever reason they want is theirs alone and the rest of us should have to traverse the “boring” channels of our tumultuous, expensive medical system in order to access these substances. Thus Spoke Capitalism” – Russell Hausfeld

This is just one of the great takeaways from this series. For more on this- be sure to listen to this week’s podcast episode and check out Russell’s publications. As always remember that to care for something, you must be critical in your approach and to allow for nuance to permeate your decisions and opinions- exploring more critical mindsets can only make room for growth or change.

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